Renault Owners' Club Diamond Anniversary Event Bewl

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Renault Owners' Club Diamond Anniversary Event Bewl

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To celebrate the Renault Owners Club’s 60th Anniversary, we are holding a weekend event at Bewl Water on the Kent Sussex (UK) borders on the 21st and 22nd of July. We have been here before with our regional rallies and they have been very popular. As usual for our anniversary events this is open to anyone who wishes to come
Bewl Water is the largest water supply reservoir in the South East of England in the heart of the Kent countryside. There are on-site catering facilities and a range of activities ranging from boat trips on the lake to walking and mountain bike riding. It provides an excellent base from which to visit a wide range of places of interest and full details will be provided either by links on our website or as hard copy. For the weekend, information and directions will be available.
You can camp on-site or stay in local bed and breakfast or hotel accommodation and if you are only able to come for a day you will be equally welcome.
The itinerary is to arrive at Bewl Water on the afternoon/early evening of Friday 20th July 2012 where an evening meal will be available at the on-site restaurant if numbers permit. There will also be a barbeque on Saturday night if there is the demand.
On Saturday 21st July 2012 there will be a choice of drives taking in a place or places of interest and stopping at a suitable venue for lunch. In the evening there will be a catering at Bewl Water.
On the morning of Sunday there will be the option of another excursion or excursions with the afternoon giving time to relax with other Renault enthusiasts or relax. There will also be onsite activities including the Autojumble at 10AM (so you don't have to sleep with your purchases)
If you wish to display your club there, please let us know and send us a logo to include on the page if you would like us to display one (linked to your site). All we ask is that you have appropriate insurance for your activities. We can group your members together if you wish. If you fancy doing something special (rolling road, tuning session, strip and rebuild) talk to us and we can make sure you get as much publicity as possible.
Campers will be free to leave on the Monday morning if they choose.
There will be a free goody bag for all cars booked in. The first 100 Goody bags will include a copy of from Ford to Renault, a book charting the career of Patrick Le Quement a famous Renault designer (This books is priced at 58 Euros in France but these are special English translations).
For more information and booking forms please visit: - English - Deutsch - Francais

Please feel free to pass this on or if you would like to be involved as a club or individual, please contact us.

Malcolm Bailey, Alasdair Worsley & The Committee of the Renault Owners Club
Treasurer & Webmaster/Editor
Renault Owners Club

Special Guest at Bewl - Full Details:

Within the local and global Motoring world and particularly the realm of “Customer Service” all Manufacturers / Importers have an immeasurable crusade to be the best and to be publicly acknowledged as such. To this end many developmental and motivational programs have been developed, a good number of best selling books written, and many motivational speakers have come to the fore.

Renault South-Africa, as a key player in the African continent, and being part of the global Renault Nissan Alliance aspire to be recognized as not only a financially successful and technologically advanced company but also as a Customer Centric Organisation. With this in mind various local and international initiatives have come into being, to name but one, Valued Citizens Initiative.

For the Renault enfranchised network staff, and for in-house purposes, we have developed an attitudinal and motivational campaign called 110%, and one of the key elements to invigorate and maintain the enthusiasm is a bi-annual road show. The motivational speaker at the road show of 17-20 October 2011 was Ms. Annette Jahnel, author of the internationally acclaimed book, My year of beds.

Annette was elected to participate in the Renault 110% Campaign not only because of the motivational aspects and transfer of life skills and experience that she could convey, but because she makes the effort to understand the client’s needs and wants, and then convey the message with integrity and sincerity.

It was a privilege and honor to work with Annette, and should the opportunity arise will definitely solicit Annette’s services and will enthusiastically promote her services.



My Year of Beds

In April 2007 , Annette Jahnel inadvertently became the first woman to drive solo once around the world after completing her epic 61000km one-year drive , which took her across three continents, one island and though 25 countries .

Annette Jahnels’ tour started in April 2006 in Munich, Southern Germany. She drove through Europe, crossed the great steppes of Russia, camped in the Karkum desert of Kazakhstan, visited the fabled cities of Samarkand and Bukara in Uzbekistan. She drove through the great deserts of North-western China , to Shanghai , from where she shipped the ‘Wish Mobile’ to Long Beach California from where she started her American adventure.

In American she drove through 22 states from New Mexico in the southwest to Michigan in the north, while up there she took a quick detour through Canada for good measure then her road took her down south to Key West Florida. She then made a tour around the UK before she retuned to the European continent where she travelled as far south as Toledo before heading north and over the Alps back to her starting point in Munich.

In the course of this journey she created an art work ‘One planet One people‘, which became a global symbol of peace and goodwill.

‘My Year of Beds’ relates this story of how more and more people question the culture of consumerism that brings no joy but threatens to destroy us; Annette Jahnel set out on a journey around the world, questioning pre-conceived values, looking for the connection in lives of ordinary people and stripping away of the familiar comforts we believe we cannot survive without.

Woven into the descriptions of exotic cities, multi-coloured mountains, vast beige deserts and lone walks around lakes at the end of the world, is the story of a curious mind that slowly starts to leave behind its built in prejudices, its need to belong. Annette learns to communicate without words, and no longer feels the need to judge.

‘My Year of Beds’ explores the deep and profound changes that sinking into your own silence can bring. The thousands of kilometers traveled alone taught her that only through simplicity can happiness be found. In reading ‘My Year of Beds’ you discover that you don’t need to drive right around the planet to find love, contentment and joy – you just need to know that it can be found, right there in your own head.


The prosentation takes about 40 minutes generally with time for questions and books will be on sale. Annette will be staying on site and joining us for a meal on Saturday night.

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