Bought My Duster Bargain

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Bought My Duster Bargain

Postby Duster1 » Wed Jul 06, 2016 8:23 am


After my previous thread where I cancelled my original order in 2012, I bought my Duster in Feb 2016.

I got a great deal on a pre-reg ambiance diesel in pearl black with fitted protection pack, the car was registered on 24th Dec 2015 and was still in it's factory delivered state. I looked at the range at my nearest official Renault/Dacia dealer. No chance of an ex demo or pre-reg car so looked on Auto Trader and found mine at a Renault Retail outlet, I paid £10,500 all in, I had to travel a bit to get it but they could have had it delivered for £200 which I thought was fair given the distance. Renault Retail are owned by Renault, there are about 20 outlets around the UK, they seem to be the only dealers that can get the deals. The car is great, cannot fault it, apart from a bit if a rattle from the dashboard area. The car is getting more economical as it loosens up, I drive in ECO mode "not stop start" and it pulls like mad, I can live without air-con otherwise it has everything I require of a car.

I hope this helps prospective buyers.


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