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To try and reduce spam a number log questions are asked on registering and then the application is checked by a human. Some tips. Gmail,hotmail,live and other such domains get particular attention as do joiners registering outside Europe. Guaranteed problems will arise from countries that don't have Dacia. To protect the users the default position is rejection. However in most cases we will contact you to ask you your interest. If you are in the uk there will be little issue. Once banned the ban is permanent although you can email us to ask for consideration.

If you include a web address when you register then this must be a personal site. If the site in any way touts for business you will be invoiced for it every time it appears unless you have a contract. If you think you can avoid paying don't.

Posts must be on topic. So that means Dacia. Again we will talk to you if there are issues.

Every 3 months we clear out anyone that has not posted or visited. Even if they have been a regular. We want the site to reflect the true number of enthusiasts. A quick way to protect you is a short introductory post.

Finally there are members here from Renault and Dacia.

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